Moms Need To Do Something For Themselves?

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Every other month the local retro gaming store in our area does a kind of ‘swap meet’ where people can bring stuff to buy or trade.  My oldest son really looks forward to these events.  He’s a really talented artist and can draw characters easily by sight.  I, like my Irish mother would say, “can’t draw my own breath”. 🙂 So the other day I decided to take the $25 gift card I had gotten for Christmas and buy my son some good art supplies so he could make some nice drawings to sell at the meet.

Now, I think, I’m supposed to feel guilty about that, right?  That I spent a gift that was for me on my child?  I’m supposed to use that and do something for “myself”.  Here’s the funny thing I realized when that thought entered my head.  When I do things for my kids, it brings me a sense of joy and ;therefore; I am doing something for myself.  it makes me happy to do things for them.  Yes, we as moms should always do things here and there for ourselves.  We have a difficult time unplugging from our families and their needs, so we pretty much have to force ourselves to put ourselves first, if that makes sense.

It’s kind of a cool revelation though.  To realize that I can do things for them and myself at the same time.  That I don’t need to feel bad when I go out and pick up something for the kids, and nothing for myself.  I don’t need more stuff.  I’d rather invest in them and watch them grow in every sense, because – in the end – that’s what really matters.


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