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*I received free products from Mom Select and Disney Parks.  All opinions expressed are my own.*

When I first received my DisneySide party kit I was so excited, because it would be coming just in time for my son’s seventh birthday.

The thing is, I know other people who absolutely love Disney that wouldn’t be coming to his party.  So what’s a girl to do?  Have TWO parties! 🙂

Up first was the “Summer In Walt Disney World” party.

My original idea was to crank the heat up in the house so it would be nice and warm, just like Walt Disney World.  Unfortunately, the weather here in New England decided to be freezing the night before (it was minus-something.  I can’t keep track of all of those bitter-cold nights!).  I think I was at least able to get the heat up to 70 degrees, so warm enough. 😉

I had decided to decorate each room in our downstairs area to represent one of the Parks in Walt Disney World.  Thanks to the HP photo paper I received I was able to print out some great photos from our trips over the years to Walt Disney World.

The entry way was the Ferry Boat to the Magic Kingdom.

Then, you arrived just in time for the Welcome Show!

The dining room was Epcot, monorail and all.

Hollywood Studios took over the living room, with our own game of Toy Story Midway Mania on the Xbox Kinect.

The kitchen, unfortunately, didn’t get the full Animal Kingdom makeover that I wanted. Of course, with Animal Kingdom currently going through construction for Avatar Land, I think it worked. 😉

We ate a lot of Mickey shaped foods.  Now if I had only gotten more photos!!

The kids and parents played the Disney versions of Apples to Apples and Beat The Parents.  And the kids did beat us – the parents – with their knowledge of Disney.

It wasn’t a huge gathering, just a few of us parents and our kids.  Of course, when it comes to Disney, a little magic goes a long way!

Now on to party number two!!

When Big Hero 6 came out last fall, my youngest fell in love with Baymax, so his party theme was a no-brainer.

On Saturday we pulled out our bowls and spoons and made the awesome Duff Tie-Dye cake that we received in our DisneySide party kit.

Now, when the thirteen year old gets involved, you know it’s good.

Once the cake was baking in the oven, I set out to make my son a shirt just like the one Hiro wears in the movie.

Of course, I had to get into the fun with a bit of Disneybounding as Aunt Kass.

Baymax cake frosted, decorations up, and we were ready to go the next day.

This party consisted of mostly family – mom, dad siblings and Grandparents.

Time to eat the yummy Baymax Duff Tie-Dye cake!!

It was such an amazing experience getting to host a DisneySide Home Celebration.  In all honesty, if I was given the opportunity to host another one, I think I would do a party strictly for the adults.  We had so many snow days with the kids home this year, that it would have been great to get together to sip some Twinings of London Tea and have some fun.  Maybe make some cool Disney themed crafts, or just put on our Ears and be kids – without our kids.  😉

One thought on “Showing Our DisneySide

    Reena said:
    October 11, 2015 at 8:45 pm

    This is amazing! Love all the ideas- especially each room being a different park!


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