Disney’s Cinderella – Review

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I took my nine year old daughter this past weekend to see the new, live-action version of the original Disney animated film.  I have to preface this by telling you that my daughter is not girly at all.  She has two brothers, and currently loves Nintendo things like her big brother.  She only likes wearing dresses for picture day at school. The only other time the “girly-girl” comes out, is when we’re at Walt Disney World and she sees Minnie Mouse, or one of the Princesses.

I convinced her to go to the movie with me with the promise of getting to play the “claw” machines afterwards – or so I thought. 😉

We were both really excited to see the new “Frozen Fever” short that played before Cinderella.   Just when you think you’re sick of the whole Frozen thing, Disney goes and makes another amazing short, and you’re in love again!  Loved the song, LOVED Anna and Elsa’s dresses, and loved Olaf – “I’m not eating cake…”  I love me some Olaf! ❤

Okay, so the moment of truth had arrived.  Would my daughter make it through almost two hours of her first non-animated movie in a theater?  Would she get bored and hold me to my “claw machine” deal early?

Cinderella is an awesome movie.  My daughter sat through the whole thing.  She wanted to sit through the whole thing. At one point, we both had to use the restroom, but she opted to wait because she “wanted to see the whole movie”. What?  What miraculous thing has Disney accomplished here?  My daughter, who plays with Pokemon and Nintendo toys actually wanted to sit for almost two hours to watch this?  Amazing!  So, yes, Cinderella is an excellent movie.  Such a beautiful re-telling of a classic Disney tale.  Now, I know some people were disappointed with the lack of songs like “Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo”, but I honestly think the songs would not have fit well in this version.  The Fairy Godmother breaking into song would have taken away from the moment and it would have felt a bit, well – for lack of a better word – hokey.

I definitely recommend seeing this movie.  You will love it. Your kids will love it.  Seeing it makes me even more excited for the new live-action Beauty and the Beast that Disney has in the works for 2017.  And that one will have music!

Can I just add how much I want Cinderella’s dress? Oh my goodness!  Just to wear it once and twirl around a few times?  If only they carried them in my size… 😉

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