Back To The Beach – What I Loved About Teen Beach 2 (No spoilers)

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Ready to go back to the Beach with Brady, Mack and the rest of the gang?

Since we have a Roku and Watch Disney Channel, we were able to watch the new Teen Beach 2 movie early. (Good news for those of you with Sling. Teen Beach 2 is now available in the on demand section of the Disney Channel). 🙂

Today I will share what I loved about Teen Beach 2.

First of all, I loved how they tie the beginning of Teen Beach 2 to the end of Teen Beach Movie. It’s not how you would expect, but it’s totally awesome!

Next, I loved seeing more of the characters from Teen Beach Movie.  It was great getting to know Lela and Tanner more. I love that this movie goes more in depth as to who they really are. We also get to see more of the bikers and surfers from the original movie.

Tanner, Tanner, and Tanner.  Oh my goodness.  Tanner is officially my favorite character in the Teen Beach Movies.  He cracks me up! I also love seeing a little more into his soul, past the silliness we usually see from him.

Lastly, the music in Teen Beach 2 is awesome!  There are so many great, new catchy songs that you’re sure to find yourself singing after watching it.  My favorites are definitely “Best Summer Ever” and “Gotta Be Me”.  And Cheeche and Seacat’s version of “Falling For You” is so much fun to watch!

I have to say that I’m REALLY hoping they make a Teen Beach 3.  I don’t want to say why right now and spoil it for those of you who haven’t seen it yet.  I’ll post that blog after it has aired this weekend. 😉

So grab your surfboards and beach balls and get ready to have the best summer ever!

Teen Beach 2 premieres Friday, June 26th at 8:00 on Disney Channel.

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