Three Things I Learned From Running To Disney Parks Music

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They say running is  90% mental, so how do you get yourself moving and motivated to do it?

I recently downloaded music from some of the Parks at Walt Disney World, and here’s what I’ve learned:IMG_2206

  1. Running to music from Epcot on a warm humid day totally brings me back to the day I ran the 10K in 2014. In my mind, I can even see Spaceship Earth to the left of me while I’m running.  It’s such a great motivator to remember a big accomplishment from your life, and then build on that.  (And no crying while running in public. 😉 )
  2. Running to the song from Soarin’ is freaking awesome!! The wind blowing in my hair, the smell of the water – it’s just like being back there again.  Of course it’s also really amusing if you have beat-sync set on your running app.  Patrick Warburton’s voice gets a little funky while he’s doing the intro at the beginning. 🙂
  3. Putting the old “Move It! Shake It! Celebrate It Street Party” music on beat-sync is not only entertaining – it’s hilarious!!  It sounds like the entire cast hit Starbucks for a double shot of espresso WDW10Kbefore the parade.  Oh my goodness! And it is SO hard to not dance along while listening to it!  Listen – you can get away with pretty much any kind of public silliness when you’re at Walt Disney World. While running on a local trail?  Not so much.  Waving your hands around to music that no one can hear could put you in a van with the men in the white coats.

So there it is.  The three things I learned this morning while running to my new Walt Disney World playlist.  When you’re running – especially if you’re just starting out – you’ve got to find something that gets you moving and keeps you going along the way.  I love the motivation and joy that comes from remembering all of the awesome times that we’ve had at Disney.  It makes me smile, laugh and – most importantly – makes me forget about what I’m putting my body through at that moment! 😉

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