NEW! Memory Maker One Day at Walt Disney World Resort

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If you’re familiar with the current Memory Maker photo package at Walt Disney World, then you know what a great product it is.  For one price, you receive ride photos and videos, and all photographs taken by Disney’s professional Photopass Photographers.

At $149, the original Memory Maker is a great deal if you’re visiting Walt Disney World for a few days, but if you’re only there for a quick visit while in the Orlando area – or spending a night at one of the separate ticketed events like Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party – then the $149 price may be a bit steep for you. You also have to buy the original Memory Maker ahead of time in order to get the $149 price.  If it’s purchased three days or less before your vacation, the price jumps to $169.

Good news! Today, Disney has released the new “Memory Maker One Day” option.  For $59, you will receive all of the same photos for a one day trip that you would receive if you purchased the original Memory Maker (ride photos, videos, etc.).  At less than half the price of the original, “Memory Maker One Day” is a great addition to the current Photopass options.  The best part of this new Memory Maker, is that you can purchase it after your day at Walt Disney World is done!

For more information on Memory Maker products, or to get a FREE Walt Disney World Vacation quote, contact me today! 🙂

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