Yay! A New Blog!

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I decided to re-enter the world of Mommy blogging after a hiatus from my other short-lived Faith-based blog “Butterflies and Grace” (butterfliesandgrace.blogspot.com).  I really enjoyed blogging about God and encouraging people, but I wanted to expand it to include other things in my life.

After making it to the final round in the application process for the 2015 Disney Parks Moms Panel this Fall, I realized how much I really love helping people plan their Walt Disney World Resort vacations.

I also would love to share things about my daily life and family.  Life can get pretty crazy sometimes – especially with a teenager (who now has an iPhone – eek!) – and two kids on the Autism spectrum.  Maybe I can help someone with an easy recipe, or quick decluttering tip – does anyone have one that I can use?  Seriously. 😉

So, I hope to make this blog both informative and fun.  I hope to encourage others and bring a little light into their lives.  I hope you will join me as I share my “Magical” “Kingdom” “Memories”.  🙂  (Should I say ‘hope’ one more time?  Oh look, I just did!)